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It’s time to vote out NRA puppets out of Congress and your state House!


1 - CONGRESS NRA $: Find out if your Members of Congress accepts NRA money.


2 - STATE REP NRA $: Find out if your State Representative accepts NRA money.


3 - NRA RATING: Find out the NRA rating of your MoC and state representatives.


4 - VOTING RECORD: Find out how your Members of Congress  voted on gun legislation


5 - NO NRA MONEY: Hold candidates and incumbents accountable this election season and demand that they pledge to not campaign contributions from the gun lobby.


6 - BILLS TO SUPPORT: Demand that Congressional candidates and incumbents support:


7 - DEMAND GUN SENSE: Demand that Congressional candidates and incumbents:

  • Pass mandatory waiting periods for all firearm sales which is known to reduce the rate of suicides and impulsive acts of violence.

  • Eliminate restrictions and fully fund the ATF and digitize gun records.

  • Repeal the Dickey Amendment so there’s no question that the CDC is free to research gun violence as a public health issue without the threat of having its funding limited by Congress. More info here.

  • Oppose the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act (S. 446) which would force states to honor each other’s concealed carry permits. CCR recently passed the House (H.R. 38).

  • Oppose any legislation that arms school staff including teachers and security and ensure that all schools remain gun free zones.

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