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Over 30 companies have ended their affiliation with the NRA and we're not gonna stop until they ALL do! We need your help!


CHECK OUT our list of companies who do business with the NRA, then:


1 - TWEET these companies yourself and be sure to include #DrainTheNRA so we can RT you!


      Here's two scripts:

      Hey @__ -  Please stop advertising as an NRA member benefit. There is NO benefit to the 

      #NRA!  #Boycott__ #BoycottNRASponsors #BoycottNRA #DrainTheNRA


      Hey @ __ -Stop doing business with the #NRA or we're gonna stop doing business with you!          #Boycott__ #BoycottNRA #BoycottNRASponsors #DrainTheNRA


2 - FACEBOOK: Post the same message on these companies' FB pages!


3 - CALL and EMAIL these companies. Use our call and email scripts at the bottom of each category on our spreadsheet!


4 - MAIL: Send these companies letters and postcards! We want to see photos of your hard work!


5 - REPORT BACK: Let us know how your correspondence goes! Did you get a reply to your email or tweet? Did you get someone on the phone?


6 - HELP US BUILD: Let us know if you have additional contact info or if you know of other companies who do business with the NRA.


7 - POP-UP PROTESTS: Get some signs and friends and do a quickie pop up protest in front of these companies’ places of business. Take a pic and share on social media with #DrainTheNRA


8 - THANK YOUS: Thank the companies that dropped the NRA or changed their policies.


9 - SHARE and get some friends together to do these actions together!

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